What We Do

We are America's richest source of consumer purchase data. By capturing intent, behavior, and attitude through our mobile apps we have created the perfect data source to power your consumer and shopper insights.


  • Nearly 1 million people plan their shopping trips with our Out of Milk app.
  • This gives you visibility into the shopper’s intent, before they enter the store.


  • Over 175,000 receipt pictures are captured each day by the users of our Shoparoo and Receipt Hog apps.
  • This provides you with unprecedented detail into an individual’s purchase behavior.


  • Capture consumer experiences through targeted surveys across our apps.
  • Learn more from the consumers who use your brand... or your competitor's.


Our consumer and shopper insights enable you to understand shopper behavior with a powerful combination of behavioral metrics and attitudinal surveys powered by our vast data panel. Need to go further? Use targeted surveys to go deeper into the nuances of purchase decisions or collaborate with us on a custom study.

Who is my lapsed shopper and why did they stop buying? How big is the size of the prize?

Shopper Insights Director

How do the store brands of other retailers compare to my own store brands?

Consumer Insights Director

How do craft brand shoppers perceive my brand in comparison?

Brand Manager

What are the key brands and segments that matter to the retailers’ shoppers?

Category Manager

InfoScout's Clients

America's largest brands and retailers trust InfoScout's consumer and shopper insights to answer their key business questions.


InfoScout is a rapidly growing team based in San Francisco. Every day we tackle exciting technical challenges leveraging computer vision, crowdsourcing, data analytics, and machine learning. If you are looking for a fun workplace where teamwork, transparency, and learning are valued, then you ought to know... We're hiring.
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