Black Friday Data & Analysis

How did a particular brand or retailer fare on Black Friday? We have the real-time purchase data for you.

Billions of dollars are spent on Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Ever wonder which retailers take in the most dollars? Which Black Friday deals attract the most buyers? How these shoppers pay for their purchases? Who shops online vs. in-store? Or why some shoppers skip Black Friday altogether? InfoScout has the answers.

Unlike other consumer purchase panels, InfoScout has the ability to provide shopper and retailer insights the minute the holiday shopping season begins. Check out some of our sample data and analysis below.

2016 Black Friday Predictions

We've been doing this for awhile now and we're ready to make some (data-backed) assumptions on how Black Friday 2016 is going to play out.

Infoscout's Top 5 Black Friday Predictions

Which date will overshadow Black Friday? What will drive consumer electronics purchases? What's the Amazon effect on Black Friday? Stay tuned for our predictions!

Target store front
First Stop Analysis: Where And Why?

Which retailers will win the coveted first stop of the holiday shopping trip? How will that change with shoppers across the US?

Window display Forever 21
Millennial Shoppers

How does purchase behavior and brand loyalty differ from younger, single Millennials to older, married-with-children Millennials?

Socioeconomics Of Black Friday

Is Black Friday a phenomenon reserved for lower income shoppers? Are higher income individuals staying home and shopping online?

2015 Black Friday Analysis

2014 Black Friday Analysis

Our Shopper and Consumer Insights Data

Black Friday insights are powered by InfoScout's ability to capture real-time purchase data, and survey those same shoppers to understand why they made (or didn't make) a purchase.

Receipts collected over the course of Black Friday tell us what the shopper purchased, when, where, and how they paid. Trigger surveys sent throughout the holiday season reveal the shopper's intent and thought process.

More than 300,000 Americans snap pictures of their everyday shopping receipts via InfoScout’s mobile apps: Shoparoo, Receipt Hog and Receipt Lottery. These receipts include both physical store receipts, and online e-receipts from multiple channels and retailers. The combination of real-time omnichannel data, real-time trigger based surveys, and a representative consumer panel allow us to quickly provide insights on major shopping events like Black Friday.

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