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Looking for real-time, true omnichannel purchase data across all retailers? We’ve got you covered.

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Want Omnichannel Data? InfoScout has it.

InfoScout merges data from individuals' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases across ALL retail formats, providing a single source for Omnichannel insights.
This is just a sample. InfoScout captures purchases from over 15,000 other retailers, across all channels!

Rapid Consumer and Shopper Insights

Real-time purchase behavior data

Updated daily in InfoScout Insights™, 2 years of history

Custom defined shopper, buyer groups

On-demand access at no charge

Visibility across all channels/retailers from a single platform

FMCG, e-Commerce, Dept. Stores, Sporting Goods

Run complex analyses in a matter of minutes with InfoScout Insights™

Insights that take weeks or months for legacy panels, often at additional cost

Tracking Surveys triggered upon purchase

Ad-hoc surveys to capture the "why behind the buy"

Based on actual purchase behavior (retailer, category, brand)

Screener and tracking surveys for shopper segmentation

On-going tracking of attitudes and motivations across seasons

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