InfoScout is than Legacy Panels

Looking for real-time, true omnichannel purchase data across all retailers? We’ve got you covered.

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Want Omnichannel Data? InfoScout has it.

InfoScout merges data from individuals' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases across ALL retail formats, providing a single source for Omnichannel insights.
This is just a sample. InfoScout captures purchases from over 15,000 other retailers, across all channels!

Yesterday's Purchases, Today's Insights

Real-time purchase behavior data

Updated daily in InfoScout Insights™, 2 years of history

Custom defined shopper, buyer groups

On-demand access at no charge

Visibility across all channels/retailers from a single platform

FMCG, e-Commerce, Dept. Stores, Sporting Goods

Run complex analyses in a matter of minutes with InfoScout Insights™

Insights that take weeks or months for legacy panels, often at additional cost

Tracking Surveys triggered upon purchase

Ad-hoc surveys to capture the "why behind the buy"

Based on actual purchase behavior (retailer, category, brand)

Screener and tracking surveys for shopper segmentation

On-going tracking of attitudes and motivations across seasons

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InfoScout Has More Solutions Than Legacy Panels

Here's a comparison of the business cases InfoScout can cover versus what a legacy panel can cover.
Business Case InfoScout Panel Solution Legacy Panel Solution
New Item Tracking Trial and Repeat Trial and Repeat
Demographic Profile Buyer Demographic
Early Read SOVA Sourcerer
Brand and Category Diagnostics Brand and Category Metrics Market Summary
Basic Data Explorer Not Available
Shopper Group Analysis Deep Dive Full Shopper Profile Partial
Demographics (Shopper Profile) Demographics
Household Affinity (Shopper Profile) Cross Purchase Analysis
Basic Shopping Metrics (Shopper Profile) Market Summary
Favorite Retailers (Shopper Profile) Not Available
Payment Methods (Shopper Profile) Not Available
Timing (Shopper Profile) Not Available
Basket Analysis Basket Affinity Not Available
Trip Type Profile Not Available
Promotion Analysis Promotion Effectiveness Not Available
Full Cross Promotion Partial
Buyer Overlap (Cross Promo) Buyer Exclusivity and Duplication
Retailer Analysis (Cross Promo) Not Available
Seasonality Analysis (Cross Promo) Not Available
Penetration Drivers (Cross Promo) Not Available
Brand Strategy Lapsed Shopper Analysis New Lost Retained
Brand Shifting Brand Shifting
Account Specific Analysis Leakage Tree Channel Facts
Trip Circuits Not Available