InfoScout Insights™

Find answers to your business questions on-demand with InfoScout Insights™. Our business intelligence platform offers simple, intuitive and customizable reports that enable you to understand Path-to-Purchase influencers.

Daily Data Updates

InfoScout's data updates daily, so you can monitor changing behaviors and sentiments in real-time, with or without consultant guidance.

Omnichannel and Omniproduct

InfoScout Insights™ merges individuals' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups based on any combination of demographics, Facebook profiles, custom surveyed attributes, and actual purchase behaviors.

Shopper Profile Report

  • Create custom segments from every type of shopper and consumer
  • How does shopping or consumption behavior outside of FMCG channels influence purchase behavior?

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Trip Circuits Report

  • From planning to paying, understand how people shop
  • What categories are the key trip drivers?
  • How does the basket composition change when competitive retailers are visited?

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Cross Promotion Report

  • Pinpoint opportunities that exist to partner with other brands or categories
  • Learn what other products shoppers are buying alongside your brands

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Promo Effectiveness Report

  • Analyze how your promotion performed with consumers
  • Did shoppers notice the promotion during the specific dates?
  • Did it compel new, loyal, or occasional shoppers?

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Lapsed Shopper Report

  • Identify the lapsed brand or retailer shopper
  • Determine the reason they stopped buying
  • Learn the size of prize, gain a larger share of shopper trips

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Demographic Profile Report

  • Understand the demographics of your brand via our comprehensive panel of real people
  • Filter and group across all brands and categories

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Brand Metrics Report

  • Keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and your competitors
  • Conduct regular monitors to determine how brands are performing or changing – tied to actual purchase data

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Leakage Tree Report

  • Identify where your loyal shoppers go when they leave
  • Why are they buying those categories at your competitor?
  • How much share of wallet are you losing?

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Trip Type Profile Report

  • Find out basket composition across the different types of shopping trips
  • Was your category bought in a Pantry Stocking or an Urgent Need trip?

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Household Affinity Report

  • Pinpoint which brands your shopper associates the most with yours with our Affinity Index Scores
  • Segment households for penetration or even how much they spend

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Basket Affinity Report

  • Diagnose which brands and categories go home together in the same basket
  • Find product location opportunities that create incremental sales for the retailer.

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