InfoScout reveals yesterday's purchases today. Our technology processes incoming receipts and triggered surveys around the clock, making your data available when you need it.

Daily, Not Quarterly

Instantly assess the effectiveness of new product launches and marketing campaigns.

On Demand Access

Eliminate the delays associated with traditional consultancy relationships. Access your data 24/7/365.


By capturing significantly more shopping trips each day than any other panel provider, InfoScout can provide statistically significant measures for the deeper insights that brands and retailers need most.

America's Largest Purchase Panel

With over 200,000 users submitting their reciepts through our suite of mobile apps, we help you understand consumer behavior.

15x More Shopping Trips

InfoScout collects 15 times more shopping trips daily than legacy panels.

Get free brand and retailer data.


InfoScout's panel reports shopping activity from fast moving consumer goods retailers of all sizes across all classes of trade, including mass merchants, grocers, e-commerce, drug, convenience, beauty and pet supply.

360° Purchase Behavior

Ad exposure → Shopping list → Register receipt → Consumption survey. InfoScout follows the shopper along every step of the path to purchase.

Online and Offline Shopping

Shoppers are moving online. InfoScout monitors the e-commerce behavior of over 200,000 panelists, in addition to brick and mortar purchases.


In addition to our receipt data, our shopper profiles and Facebook integration provide unparalleled opportunities for segmentation.


InfoScout's panel makeup closely mirrors US Census data. In addition, we weight and balance our metrics to provide a nationally projectable sample of American shopping behavior.

More Balanced

Unlike traditional panel providers, we excel in engaging young busy moms, higher income households, and other harder to reach segments.

Diversely Incented

Our panelists are sourced through multiple apps which provide different experiences and incentives, in order to reach all types of consumers.

Get free brand and retailer data.