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Insights Only InfoScout Can Deliver

Check out some of our 2016 Black Friday insights.
Reasons why Amazon Prime members did not shop in stores on Black Friday

The Amazon Effect: Why Prime Members Stayed Home on Black Friday

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Top 10 items purchased at Walmart on Black Friday 2016

Black Friday at Walmart: Which brands made the Top 10 list?

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Reasons why shoppers skipped Black Friday 2016

Why Did Some Shoppers Bail on Black Friday?

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Chart of where Millennials shopped on Black Friday 2016

Does Black Friday Shopping Behavior Change When Millennials Become Parents?

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Reasons why shoppers purchased Xbox or PS4 on Black Friday 2016

PlayStation Takes the Shelf, Xbox Wins the Browser

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Percentage of shoppers who used click and collect for gifts

Click and Collect Picks Up Steam with Holiday Gift Shoppers

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360° View of Holiday Purchase Behavior

See what happens after Black Friday. Understand the shoppers and drivers behind a holiday lift in sales to determine incrementality. Learn where/when your target market does their holiday shopping.

With the ability to analyze both online and offline purchase data for the same shopper, and then survey that shopper to understand the attitudes driving their behaviors, InfoScout can truly help you understand the why behind the holiday buy.

Looking for omnichannel holiday shopper insights? You’ve come to the right place.

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