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Accelerate your consumer research by segmenting and surveying Cousin Willie's consumers in our panel of over 300,000 profiled consumers.

Sample Survey Data From Our Panelists

We targeted panelists who purchase Cousin Willie's by using their receipt data, then surveyed these panelists to understand why they purchase Cousin Willie's.

Cousin Willie's Impulse Purchases

Did you decide to purchase Cousin Willie's while at the store?



See survey data about other brands these panelists purchase:

Retailer Affinity
Red Bull 17.8x
Fresh Selections 17.7x
Pop-Tarts 13.7x
Marie Callender's 9.5x

Cousin Willie's Brand Loyalty

If the Cousin Willie's item was out of stock, what would you have done?
66% Avg: 28%
Purchased another brand
26% Avg: 31%

Gone to another store to purchase it

0% Avg: 19%

Waited until my next trip to the same store

6% Avg: 21%

Bought a similar Cousin Willie's item

Cousin Willie's Consumer Rating



Average: 8.9 *

Understand Consumer Sentiment

Our capabilities let you research how sentiment influences purchases of Cousin Willie's.
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Cousin Willie's Consumer Reviews

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Good flavor with lower calories and carbs than most brands.

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I went to school with all cousin willies grand kids so its nice to support local businesses;)

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Flavorful , convenient , less fat snack

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Cousin Willie's Brand Associations

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Why Pick InfoScout for Research Surveys?

300,000+ Consumers in Our Panel

We have America’s largest, and most representative consumers panel. Over 250,000 shopping trips are reported daily, with an average of 5 weekly trips reported per panelist.

Target By Purchase Behavior and Demographics

Segment groups by demographics and purchase behavior that's relevant to your research. Segmentation data includes: items purchased, retailer shopped at, purchase date, age, ethnicity, gender, location, education, income and more.

Behavior Triggered

Survey panelists soon after they report a Cousin Willie's purchase. Collect data while the Cousin Willie's purchase is fresh in mind to reduce recall bias.

Deeper Research

Our combination of purchase behavior data and trigger based surveys enable deeper research. Research why Cousin Willie's consumers stop purchasing Cousin Willie's items, why they switch brands and much more.

Faster Research, Rapid Results

Save time by quickly segmenting groups within our profiled panel. Skip the incidence check because the purchase events are verified. Quickly field surveys to panelists' mobile phones or desktop computers.

About Our Cousin Willie's Panelists, Surveys, Data and Research

InfoScout has over 300,000 consumers uploading their shopping receipts (paper and electronic) through our portfolio of mobile apps. From receipts, we gather information such as retailer, items purchased, date of the trip, payment method and more. Surveys are sent directly to consumers on their mobile phone.

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