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Measure and boost brand engagement using our purchase data and triggered surveys.

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InfoScout's Consumer Insights Help These Brands Grow

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Consumer Insights with Deep, Real-Time Data

A Unique Panel
InfoScout's purchase panel is large, well balanced, and highly engaged. Our representative pool of 500,000 panelists use our apps to upload their shopping receipts and take in-the-moment surveys.

420,000+ Shopping Trips Reported Daily
Each panelist reports 5 or more shopping trips each week. This gives you a true sense of real purchase behavior.

Data Updated Daily
We process receipts and surveys around the clock so you get unmatched rapid insights. Quickly learn how a new product is selling, or which products consumers stop buying.

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Omnichannel Visibility of Consumer Behavior

Our omnichannel data captures purchases from over 15,000 retailers across all channels. That means our consumer insights can answer questions such as:

  • At which retailers do my lapsed, returning, or new consumers buy my brand?
  • How do new shopper purchases compare between retailers such as Walmart and Costco?
  • Where, when, and how do consumers buy my brand?

...and more.

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Measure Why Consumers Stop Buying Your Brand

With our consumer insights, measure your brand's performance, analyze potential threats, find opportunities, and get data for key questions such as:

  • Which brands steal my consumers?
  • How loyal are certain demographics to your competition?
  • Do lapsed shoppers still buy the category of interest at other retailers?

Next, understand the why behind a consumer's purchase decision.

Avoid Recall-Bias: Combine Purchase Data With Triggered Surveys

Survey consumers immediately after they shop. Our triggered surveys let you survey consumers based on actual purchase behavior instead of claimed behavior.
Survey example - rate factors behind a purchase

Measure Motivations Behind a Purchase

Survey example - why did you purchase a new product?

Discover Why Consumers Left Your Brand

Survey example - how satisfied are you with this product?

Get Feedback on New Products

Maximize Revenue and Profitability

Contact us to learn how our consumer insights tools, data, and surveys can increase brand and consumer value.

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Popular Analyses with Our Consumer Insights Clients

Trial and Repeat

Weeks after launch, get insights on your item's performance in market. Metrics include:

  • Repeat Depth
  • First year metrics including Trial, Repeat, Purchase Size
  • Top items and retailers
  • See how your new item compares to a recent competitive launch

New Item Analysis

Track key metrics on how your new item performs. Includes:

  • Measurement of Trial and Repeat
  • New Item Source of Volume
  • Shopper Profile
  • New Item Survey
Get started today. See how our insights can drive growth for your brand.