Leakage Tree

Grow your brand or store by measuring your competition

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Shopping trips reported over a week

Get Real-Time Leakage Tree Reports

Our highly engaged consumer purchase panel reports hundreds of thousands of shopping trips every day, from thousands of retailers across all channels.

That gives you the ability to analyze leakage trees drawing from the most comprehensive, accurate, and timely data source available in the market today.

Options for creating a leakage tree

Build Leakage Trees in a Flash!

No more submitting requests or waiting for a consultant to come back with a report. Create your own leakage trees based on the criteria you care about and instantly identify potential leakage.

See which shopper groups are spending their dollars outside of your store, categories where competing retailers are winning, and identify new shopper groups to survey. Find answers to defend your retailer, category, and shoppers.

Customize Your Leakage Tree Report

Demographic options for shopper groups

Custom Shopper Groups

Analyze by shopper groups based on age, gender, ethnicity, products purchased, and more.

Options for selecting product level

Multiple Product Choice Options

Analyze the product of interest at various levels (sector, department, major category, etc.).

Time period options for leakage tree

Custom Time Periods

View a leakage tree by an exact start and end date, or by pre-set time frames such as 6 months.

Geographic options for leakage tree

Analyze by Geography

Specify your leakage analysis for a retailer at various geographic levels (depends on sample size).

Share of wallet report

Know Your Share of Wallet

Once you create your leakage tree, see which retailers are taking your shoppers' dollars.

View share of wallet for closers and non-closers. See year-over-year share of wallet change, and the average unit price at competing retailers.

Our custom leakage tree reports are designed to help you measure competition so you can grow your share of wallet and boost revenue.

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insights clients

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