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Looking for real-time, omnichannel shopper insights? Our variety of solutions help you understand the who, what, when, and why around purchases of your brand.

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insights clients
insights clients
Shopper purchase data from receipts

Shopper Insights Powered by Real-Time Data

Waiting for data is so last century. Get insights on what your shoppers were doing just 24 hours ago.

Hundreds of thousands of receipts are uploaded daily by our deep panel of shoppers through our mobile apps. These receipts reveal what the shopper purchased, when they shopped, where they went, and how they paid.

Our insights are also powered by triggered surveys sent right to the shopper, allowing you to collect data when the shopper's experience is fresh in their mind.

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Omnichannel Data, Across all Retailers

Brick-and-mortar? Check. Amazon? Check. Convenience and club channels? Check and check. All for the same individual? CHECK!

Discover in-depth shopper insights for purchases made both in-store and online for over 15,000 retailers across all channels.

Grow Your Category or Brand with Our Shopper Insights

Clients use our shopper insights and purchase data to understand the drivers of shopping behavior and identify gaps and growth opportunities along the path-to-purchase.

Basket affinity report

Basket Affinity

See which other brands or categories shoppers commonly purchase alongside your item of interest during the same trip.

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leakage tree report

Leakage Tree

Know where else your shoppers spend their dollars, and which retailers are your greatest competitors for share of wallet.

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Shopper profile report

Shopper Profile

See key demographic information, favorite retailers, payment method details, and other purchase behavior data.

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Plus, many more shopper insights reports.

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Send Targeted Shopper Surveys

A simple survey can reveal deep insights into a shopper's experience.

Our ability to send real-time surveys to targeted shoppers helps you understand what influences a shopper's decision.

Stop wondering how an in-store promo or circular influenced a decision. Learn what product qualities influenced a purchase. Get feedback on product packaging. Measure the impact of your programs with our shopper surveys and insights.

One-Stop Shop for Shopper Insights

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