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Shopper purchase and behavior data from receipts

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Get accurate behavioral and demographic data with InfoScout. Our shopper profile reports are derived from America's largest purchase panel, which consists of 500,000+ profiled shoppers who report 420,000+ shopping trips each day.

Get demographic data by store, category, and channel level. See who shops at Costco. Analyze how Costco shoppers compare to Whole Foods shoppers. Find out who buys Pepsi at convenience stores and Tide laundry detergent on Amazon.

Analyze shoppers by behavior. See how males pay for energy drinks. Learn what percentage of shoppers buy Budweiser using food stamps, debit, credit, or cash. Determine which day Coca-Cola purchasers shop the most.

Shopper profile shopper groups and income data

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No more submitting requests or waiting for a consultant to come back with a report. InfoScout gives YOU the power to run shopper profile reports using custom shopper groups that matter to your brand.

Analyze how female shoppers in the northeast buy your brand. Run multiple reports comparing Walmart shoppers against Aldi shoppers.

Run unlimited shopper profile reports to get fast answers about the shoppers you care about.

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Shopper Profile Data

Example of demographics data


Who are my shoppers? Analyze by gender, income, ethnicity, age, and more.

Example of base metric data

Basic Metrics

How does purchase frequency compare between shopper groups? Data includes projected sales, spend per trip, and more.

Example of favorite retailer data

Favorite Retailers

Where do my shoppers prefer to shop? See which retailers your shoppers go to, and how much they spend at each retailer.

Example of household affinity data

Household Affinity

What else do my shoppers buy? See how much your shoppers spend on indidual major categories.

Example of payment method data

Payment Methods

How do shoppers pay for your products? View by retailer type, and see cash, credit, debit, gift card, SNAP or WIC payment data.

Example data of shopping behavior relative to time


When do shoppers buy your products? Analyze purchase behavior by day of month, day of week, month, quarter, or by week.

Example of trip type data

Trip Type

During what kind of shopping trip is my product purchased? Behavior categorized by Pantry Stocking, Urgent Need, Express Lane and Fill Up.

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