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InfoScout Insights™

Targeted Surveys

Custom Studies

Shopper Insights Director

Catherine uses InfoScout to understand shopper behaviors and attitudes throughout the path-to-purchase. The ability to custom-segment her shoppers has allowed her to sell-in new products, optimize assortments, and grow key categories.

How do our brand's consumer profiles map to the retailer's shopper segments?

How do shoppers decide what to buy online? Versus brick-and-mortar?

Consumer Insights Director

Ethan uses InfoScout to put a customer's behavior in the full-context of their shopping journey. From how shoppers plan their trips, to how they sequence their trip circuits, and traffic the specific categories that determine share-of-wallet.

How can I boost my stores’ share-of-wallet?

What SKU's are my core customers buying elsewhere?

Category Manager

Kristina uses InfoScout to merge purchase data with triggered surveys, providing her with deeper insights than either approach can offer alone. Large sample sizes and daily updates allow her to monitor changing behaviors and sentiments in real-time.

How can I grow the retailer's category AND my brand?

Did shoppers notice and buy from the seasonal display?

Brand Manager

Arjun uses InfoScout to continuously monitor consumer motivations and occasions linked to purchase behaviors. He also leverages InfoScout to get a faster read on new product launches via trial and repeat metrics, sources of volume, and first-time buyer surveys.

How do first time buyers discover my new product?

Which usage occasions are we losing and why?

Media Insights Director

Melissa uses InfoScout to measure the omnichannel sales uplift from TV and display ad campaigns.

She also leverages InfoScout to get a faster read on how she can optimize campaign performance by identifying winning creatives and frequency combinations within weeks of launch.

How is my campaign performing and what optimizations should I make?

Are we driving penetration, trip frequency or more dollars per trip?