See how your shoppers shop outside your four walls.

Get Real-time Retailer Data

Our highly engaged purchase panel reports hundreds of thousands of shopping trips each day, from thousands of retailers across all channels.

Map your shopper segments to our panelists so you can understand share of wallet and competitive trends by each of your custom segments.

See which categories a specific retailer is winning. Measure how many dollars are being spent at your store vs competitors' stores. And get real-time visibility into your competitors' private label products, all the way down to SKU level.

See Sample Retailer Data

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Full Omnichannel Visibility

Understand retailer trends and changing shopper behavior.


Understand how the shift from bricks to clicks is impacting your sales.

Learn which categories online retailers such as Amazon are winning. See where there is opportunity in online growth by understanding how shopper groups buy online.

Specialty, QSR, and More

See how shoppers spend their dollars at non-traditional retailers and major online retailers.

Know which specialty retailers are competing for share of wallet of brands and categories you sell.

Quickly Analyze Newcomers

Get purchase data on new retailers days after opening.

Make better strategic decisions using actual purchase data from new retailers.

See how our fast insights can help you understand your competition.

Fast Shopper Insights, More Dollars

Combine real-time purchase data with trigger-based surveys for insights at unmatched speeds.

Enhance your Data

Combine our purchase data with your shopper data for a more complete understanding of your shoppers.

Skip the wait. Access the InfoScout Insights platform for real-time data, and run unlimited reports such as:

Leakage Tree

Trip Circuit

Promo Effectiveness

Survey Your Shoppers

Avoid recall bias by surveying shoppers after their trip to a competitor or your store.

Our representative panel of over 500,000 real people has a response rate of over 50%.

Price Perception

Holiday Preparation

Promo Effectiveness

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