Targeted Surveys

Speak to the consumer who just purchased your product! Avoid recall-bias by triggering surveys as soon as the shopper makes a purchase. InfoScout’s massive panel brings your insights closer to the purchase decision, allowing you to effectively target your survey to the exact shopper making the purchase.

Behavior Triggered

Skip the incidence check, these purchases are verified! InfoScout can send surveys to custom-segmented groups, right after the shopper has completed their purchase.


Think, not thought. Avoid recall-bias by surveying shoppers moments after they make specific purchases or when a particular consumption occasion occurs.

Rapid Results

Eliminate the time-lags between survey design, fielding, cross-tabs, and summary insights. InfoScout returns survey results in days, with better than 50% response rates.

Concept Testing Surveys

  • Vet new product line extensions
  • Identify known vs claimed buyers of your brand and products

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Monitor the in-store experience
  • Measure shoppers intent to repeat
  • Send surveys in-the-moment

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Consumption Tracking Surveys

  • Massive panel makes targeting easy
  • Customize your questions
  • Results in days, not months

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Promo Effectiveness Surveys

  • Identify lift from display presence
  • Understand advertising impact on recently purchasing shoppers

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New Product Feedback Surveys

  • Monitor the in-store experience by sending surveys in-the-moment
  • Identify the First-Moment-of-Truth

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Brand Equity Surveys

  • Determine how your brand is positioned versus the competition
  • Track changes to your brand’s awareness

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